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Warwick Waste Quiz

Welcome to the Warwick Waste Quiz.

This quiz has been designed to test your knowledge about waste and recycling on campus.

Good luck!

Food waste goes into which bin?

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Bin Images

Select ALL the following products which can be recycled in a clean recycling bin:

What does this symbol mean?

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  • Pret a manger
  • Curiositea
  • Warwick Retail Outlets
  • Café Nero
  • 50p discount if reusable cup used
  • 20p discount if reusable cup used
  • 25p charge if disposable cup required
  • Double loyalty points if reusable cup used

The University of Warwick provides glass bottle recycling points across campus

Select which of the following numbers on plastic products can be recycled on campus? (these symbols are found on most plastic items)

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Are paper towels, disposable coffee cups and egg boxes recyclable?

Biodegradable plastic cannot be recycled
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There are different recycling schemes across the UK. The University of Warwick is the same system as Coventry and there are 5 different systems in Warwickshire. Please check your local information on what is and is not recyclable and always check the signage available.

Please e-mail to provide suggestions on sustainability improvements across campus

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