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Sustainability Hub: Warwick Allotment Society



Warwick Allotment Society is a student-run growing project that meets at 2pm on Wednesdays by the lake behind Arthur Vick. We primarily aim to grow food, but we also want to foster a lively and friendly community which offers alternative experiences and makes students aware of environmental issues surrounding food production.


Our long term goals are to maintain and expand our growing space on site, to build up our membership and to raise awareness and participation among the student body. We hope to keep the project moving, improving our facilites and sharing our knowledge among our members. Currently we are working on improving our irrigation system by using a solar powered pump, and we also hope to have a trip to growing sites in the UK later in the year.


We currently require help with our irrigation system, both in terms of knowledge and materials. We hope to use a solar panel to power a pump that will then water the crops in our polytunnel, but this has proven to be harder than it seems! Thus we could use anyone with electrical or plumbing skills to help us ensure everything works smoothly. We would also be grateful if anyone could offer the use of their tools (drills etc) so that we don't need to buy our own!

Photos of the Warwick Allotment Society

Want to take part?

We meet weekly Wednesdays at 2pm, and will be working on our irrigation system for much of the winter. Like our Facebook page to keep up to date, or send us an email if you have specific expertise you can offer.

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Project Leads:

Stephen Clifford (
Laura Elwyn (

Sponsored/funded by:

Warwick SU
NUS Student Eats
The Worshipful Company of Water Conservators