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Sustainability Hub: Sustainable Warwick Network (SWaN)



SWaN is an initiative created by doctoral students and early-career fellows to promote collaborative research on the topic of sustainability at Warwick. Sustainability is a multifaceted concept - it demands the integration of different research fields in order to maximise efficiency and deliver solutions for the current environmental, social and economical problems. Our goal is to facilitate the identification of overlapping capabilities/challenges and catalyse collaborative research in a friendly and creative environment.


Our mission is:

“To connect early-career researchers across different faculties in the University of Warwick to promote sustainability-related activities that will impact the campus academically and socially.”


We need help with promoting our networking events.

Want to take part?

Any PhD student or early career researcher can participate on our network events to share to our community their research topic, and how other members can find ways to collaborate with.

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Project Leads:

Felipe Cicaroni Fernandes (
Christina Froemder (

Sponsored/funded by:

The Graduate School