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Our campus is home to a huge range of plants and animals. Caring for them is high on our agenda. Take a look at these fantastic snaps of the many things that live on campus:

  Name Description
Image file Bee hives The Warwickshire Bee Keepers association have an apiary where they keep several hives of bees near the Cryfield Sports Pavillion.
Image file Campus is big Campus is a lot bigger than you might think - it extends quite a way into the woods, fields and farms of Warwickshire.
Image file Campus walks Like walking through the countryside? We have several:
Image file Deer Like our foxy friend, the this chap is a rare sight, but we're glad to have someone this cute living with us. (Picture by Paul Thompson).
Image file Diamond Wood Warwick planted a 'Diamond Wood' as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The wood is made up of over 24,000 native trees.
Image file Foxes This super cute little guy lives here - maybe you'll catch sight of him some time! (Picture by Paul Thompson).
Image file Stream We have a lot of streams on campus, all of them home to plenty of wildlife (ducks included).
Image file Traditional hedges We maintain our hedgerows in the traditional Warwickshire style.