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Hedgehog Friendly Campus

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Did you know that hedgehogs have declined by up to 50% in the UK since the year 2000? They are now vulnerable to extinction in Britain, due to factors like habitat loss, development, roads and garden hazards. We are delighted to be playing a part on their path to recovery by joining the Hedgehog Friendly Campus initiative. The initiative recognises universities who are working to provide habitats for hedgehogs and raise awareness of the issues they face and how we can all make a difference.

We have a core working group with represetantives from Communications, Grounds and Sustainability as well as staff and student members. However, in order to have the biggest impact we need to recruit a team of volunteers to support us at events, get involved in litter picks, develop fundraising initiatives and lots more. If you would like to get involved email Katherine Mayfield, Sustainability Champion ( ).

Our main campus is vast and includes a number of areas, which would be suitable for hedgehogs. In addition, we have bug hotels, which will provide food and will be creating hedgehog houses over the coming months.The Grounds Team also always check for hedgehogs when strimming and mowing around long grass and under hedgerows.

Some individuals have been spotted in recent years, however we don't have a clear understanding of where they are present. We have put up a number of camera traps and will be undertaking surveys in 2022 once the hedghogs have emerged from hibernation.

If you see a hedgehog on campus or elsewhere you can log it on the Big Hedgehog Map.

Find out how you can help hedgehogs to survive and strive in your area with tips to make your garden hedgehog-friendly.

September 2021