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What is the Jam Grove?

The idea came from within Warwick, after a range of workshops, events and consultations identified a strong desire among our community to make our campus more inviting, engaging, sustainable and productive. From this, the idea of a series of garden projects has developed starting with an accessible garden of fruit trees and berries - the Jam Grove located in Westwood adjacent to CLL, IT Services and the Westwood Cafe.

Relax a bit

The Jam Grove is an ideal spot to enjoy lunch or just to relax for a while - sit on the iconic bench and listen to the wind in the trees, the bees enjoying the flowers and the sound of sports being played actively some distance away.

An ideal location to start a campus treasure hunt.

Get Involved

Any member of the University, staff or student, and their families are welcome to get involved and even to take the lead on developing the Jam Grove. The picture above shows the strawberries planted by a member of IT Services with his son spreading and flowering - and in need of some weeding. The strawberries are free to anyone who wants to eat them.

News and events

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Warwick Research Priorities

Food Security - The Warwick Jam Grove - Next Steps

The Jam Grove is to be an Ecopedagogy space where people are taught to reconnect and take responsibility of the environment. The space can be used for educational activities for local residents, schools, staff and students to change perceptions and raise awareness. Anyone can enjoy the area and help to develop and maintain the plants. In the long term there is the option for other sites to be developed and the Jam Grove will be part of an Edible Trail across Warwick Campus.

Planting the seeds of a greener campus…

On Friday 13th March and Saturday 14th March over 60 people attended the planting of the new Jam Grove outside the Centre of Lifelong Learning in Westwood. The Vice Chancellor planted the first tree then staff, students and local residents helped to plant various edible trees and shrubs including quince, plum, gooseberry and rhubarb.