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Wildlife Surveys – Spring and Summer 2020

The University is committed to conserving and improving habitats and species across its estate. To help enhance our knowledge of species present on campus we are encouraging staff and students to record what birds and butterflies are seen on their daily walks and to share this information with the Energy and Sustainability Team who are currently developing a Biodiversity and Ecology Strategy.


The location of sightings should be recorded using the what3words app. The location of each individual bird should be recorded e.g. if you see a blackbird in four different locations on the same day, four locations will be recorded.

If you are unsure of your identification skills, the following websites are very helpful:

In addition, please email any photos of species you are unable to identify to


There are two options for recording the data:

  1. Print the ID Guides and make a note of the following (as shown on the Wildlife Survey Sheet) on a separate document:
    • date,
    • location (what3words and area of campus),
    • habitat and habitat features present nearby, and
    • species present.
  2. Print and complete the Wildlife Survey Sheet.

For both options take a photo of the information recorded and email to


Thank you for getting involved. Enjoy the fresh air. Stay safe. Keep learning.


For more information and any related queries email