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Alex Orr


About Alex

1. How long have you been playing Football?

I’ve been playing competitively since I was 4/5 years old.

2. What drew you to the Sport?

I am a fairly competitive person and also very active and sociable, so playing a team sport suited my personality. My dad definitely pushed me to play too, as a kid!

3. What does Team Warwick mean to you?

Being part of Team Warwick has massively enhanced my university experience. Amongst all the chaos and stress of moving away from home, friends and family, and doing a degree, football (and sport in general!) was something familiar and allowed me to meet a lot of like minded people and lifelong friends.

4. Can you tell us what you appreciate most about being part of Team Warwick?

Definitely being able to play football so frequently and at such a high level! I love being active.

5. You’ve competed in Varsity before: what was the highlight of your Varsity games last year?

Being 3-0 up at half time. The atmosphere was incredible- our rivalry with Coventry brings out some of the best football the girls can play and you can see the determination on everyone’s face.

6. Do you have any pre-game/ competition rituals?

Speakers on max to get our heads in the game in the changing rooms.