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Declan O'Callaghan


About Declan


1. How long have you been playing Squash?

I was a very late starter, starting only when I was 16 years old!

2. What drew you to the Sport?

The intensity and the demanding nature of the sport. Once I started playing, I couldn't stop!

3. What does Team Warwick mean to you?

Sport at Warwick adds a dimension to student life that cannot be replicated by any other student activity. I honestly can't imagine university life without it. Team Warwick adds a sense of pride to representing our university and brings our sports clubs together in a way which encapsulates everything that sport should be about.

4. Can you tell us what you appreciate most about being part of Team Warwick/ Warwick Sport Performance Club?

As a part of the performance programme, the level of additional support we receive, including our strength and conditioning sessions, is incredibly useful. This is clearly reflected in our results!

5. You’ve competed in Varsity before - What was the highlight of your Varsity games last year?

I'm not embarrassed to say that I took great pleasure in beating my opponent 11-0 in the first game, known in the squash world as a 'bagel'.

6. Do you have any pre-game/ competition rituals?

Plenty of team stretching and rolling, followed by an intense banger playlist featuring Pirates of the Caribbean and the Transformers soundtrack!