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Lizzie Roberts


About Lizzie

1. How long have you been ski racing?

I started skiing at the age of four, and began alpine racing when I was ten, and then dry slope racing from the age of sixteen. So I have been ski racing for ten years now!

2. What drew you to the Sport?

I love being outdoors, and ski racing is the perfect mix between an individual and a team sport. I get to compete by myself but also in a team which I absolutely love. I went to the same schools as Chemmy Alcott (British World Cup Skier), and I was definitely inspired by her.

3. What does Team Warwick mean to you?

Team Warwick is a fantastic and inclusive team that encompasses a whole host of different sports. It is amazing to think that you have team mates who compete in sports that you have never even tried!

4. Can you tell us what you appreciate most about being part of Team Warwick?

Being part of team Warwick is a unique privilege, I appreciate the work and support that goes into ensuring we all have the best possible sporting seasons whilst also attending such a prestigious university. Although it can be difficult to remain a dedicated athlete whilst at university, being part of Team Warwick guarantees that you have a support system behind you, which will help you throughout your university career.

5. You’ve competed in Varsity before - What was the highlight of your Varsity games last year?

I loved Varsity last year, we won the racing element! It was a really fun day, and everyone raced really well. I went and watched the ice hockey which was amazing, and highlights one of the most important features of varsity; involvement in sport.

This year I am preparing by training more frequently, and trying to work on my upper body strength so that I can have a quicker start.

6. Do you have any pre-game/ competition rituals?

I always prepare my skis to the best of my ability as that helps me fully focus for the race ahead. Before and during races I only like to eat foods beginning with B, so I often eat bananas, brioches/bagels and if it's a long competition, brownies or biscuits. I also like to imagine myself going down the course when I am stood at the top and I trace the route with my finger.