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Nicolas Fremont


About Nic

1. How long have you been doing your sport?

I was 5 years old when I started playing, so for about 15 years.

2. What drew you to the Sport?

I’ve always been interested into racquet sports, and I loved tennis from the first day I had a racquet in my hand. And being Swiss, I’m a huge Federer fan, he was my idol and watching him play when I was a kid motivated me to get into this sport seriously.

3. What does Team Warwick mean to you?

It definitely means a lot as I give so much importance to this sport. Being in the tennis team is probably one of my proudest achievements of my time at Warwick. And Team Warwick allows me to represent my sport amongst all the others on campus, which is something really meaningful and exciting.

4. How are you enjoying being part of Team Warwick?

It’s such a great experience. We have a true team spirit and we love spending time with each other at trainings, early morning fitness, and of course during matches. The social side is also amazing as we hang out a lot together, which brings us closer to each other. Everyone can integrate easily in the team, and new comers feel very welcomed from day one.

5. Can you tell us what you appreciate most about being part of Team Warwick Performance?

Being part of Team Warwick Performance, we have weekly fitness and strengths and conditioning sessions, which are extremely helpful and well designed. What I really appreciate is that Team Warwick really takes us seriously, making the whole experience very challenging.

6. You’ve competed in Varsity before - What was the highlight of your Varsity games last year?

The last time I competed in Varsity, I remember Warwick beat Coventry 30 wins to 0. Adding my contribution to this humiliation was for sure my highlight. And especially during Varsity games, we get a lot of people supporting us, which makes the atmosphere even more electric.

7. Do you have any pre-game/ competition rituals?

We enjoy getting some food together before the match. Driving to matches, we like listening to motivational speeches and intense music to put us into the right mind-set. We have our own specific pre-game warm up sessions, that gets us ready to compete. And there is a lot of singing going on in the car on the way back, especially after a win.