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Nicole Langdon


About Nicole

1. How long have you been doing your sport?

I started playing underwater hockey in my first year, so have been playing for just over 2 years.

2. What drew you to the sport?

I love the water and any sport to do with it, and it sounded like a fun one that I hadn't tried yet. It also seemed like a challenge!

3. What does Team Warwick mean to you?

Team Warwick to me makes me proud to be a Warwick student competing in sporting matches. We are all part of one community, no matter your background, sport or ability, all representing the same team and all supporting each other.

4. How are you enjoying being part of Team Warwick?

I think what Team Warwick gives me is more motivation. I am not just competing for myself, I am not just competing for my club, but I am competing for the whole university too.

5. Do you have any pre-game/ competition rituals?

Before a game we huddle on the side of the pool in a team and talk about positioning and tactics for the team we are about to play. We also have a chant that is unbelievably cheesy, but we love it because it represents us, and makes us all feel silly but as if we are all in it together, which we are.