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Simon Lawerence


About Simon

1. How long have you been doing your sport?

I have been playing volleyball at a relatively high level for about four and a half years now, two of those at Warwick.

2. What drew you to the sport?

People had always asked me if I played basketball because I have always been very tall, but my lack of coordination meant I never quite cut it and I always felt useless while playing. Volleyball on the other hand is a sport which also makes use of my height, yet somehow it clicked better with me and I've stuck with it since I started.

3. What does Team Warwick mean to you?

For me, Team Warwick is about competing week on week to bring in great results. Seeing other sports clubs do the same really shows that we are all working our hardest to represent Warwick at its best.

4. How are you enjoying being part of Team Warwick?

What I enjoy the most about being a part of Team Warwick, is when I can see the results of my team's hard work and I feel a real sense of achievement and pride for Warwick.

5. Can you tell us what you appreciate the most about being part of Team Warwick Performance?

Having been a part of Team Warwick Performance last year, and the development programme this year, I can say that the university certainly feels the same way about us, and is willing to provide the necessary resources for us to play the best that we can.

6. You've competed in Varsity before: what was the highlight of your Varsity games last year?

The highlight of Varsity for me last year was definitely the match that we played. In one of the most grueling matches I have ever played we beat Coventry in 5 sets, and were promptly booted out of the sports centre along with all of the crowd because we had gone over the 10pm closing time. The length of the match, along with the high standard of play and cheering crowd really lead to a moment that I hope I can relive this year.

7. Do you have any pre-game/ competition rituals?

If we are playing away, then in the van on the way over we tend to stick on some tunes and get super pumped for our game. A favourite of the team at the moment is "All I do is win", which aptly reflects our teams performance so far this term, and is something we hope to carry over into varsity and the rest of the season.