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Give your Support

You can give your support in person by attending sports events, by nominating your team of the week, by tweeting your support using #teamwarwick, and by sending us your instaframe photos.
#teamwarwick is a way for us to celebrate and support each of our 66 sports clubs. By representing us competitively in BUCS, Varsity and other competitive events, they make a huge contribution to the life and reputation of our university, and help us build a strong community.
Lisa Dodd MayneLisa Dodd-Mayne, Director of Sport and Active Communities

We highly value our 66 student sports clubs here at Warwick and want you to know how much we appreciate your part in making Warwick a great University. That’s why we are re launching the #teamwarwick campaign – it’s our way of saying thank you for what you do, because when you represent Warwick in competitive sport, you’re representing all of us. We are extremely proud to see you play and we wish you the very best for the coming year. Be the best you can be!

Professor Christine Ennew, Provost  Christine Ennew Warwick (University) is home to a diverse community of students from all over the world, and it fills me with great pride to see so many of them engaging with Warwick Sport and with the Student Union's 66 Sport Clubs. Team Warwick is a fantastic campaign which demonstrates the commitment the University and Warwick Sport have towards showcasing and celebrating the students who compete on our behalf in regional, national and international competitions. Our international student community shapes and informs cultural awareness on campus - and as students negotiate their team and club goals within their respective sports clubs, they become even more appreciative of and sensitive to the values, beliefs, lifestyles, and practices of diverse cultures.

Stuart CroftStuart Croft,
Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Warwick

To participating students.

We are very proud of the variety and quality of sports clubs here at Warwick. The #teamwarwick campaign gives us another opportunity to celebrate all our fantastic athletes who compete on our behalf, both nationally and internationally, representing Warwick at Varsity, BUCS and many other competitive events as well as regular matches locally and of course the annual Varsity matches. It is our ambition to be the most active campus in the UK and you lead the way in helping us to achieve this.

Sue BennettSue Bennett,
Director Student Careers and Skills

Research from Sheffield Hallam University shows that students who participate in sport or volunteer in sport-related activities whilst at University are more likely to have higher earning potential, higher increases in career earnings and are less likely to have experienced unemployment. The research highlighted that sport engagement develops important employability skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, confidence resilience and time management that are sought after by employers.

'I would say sport is one area of extra-curricular activity that is indeed viewed positively as a demonstration of team work, leadership capabilities, community engagement, or perhaps innovation, resilience or learning agility.' Civil Service

We’re in an age where employers are looking for good degrees and a demonstrably rich skillset which can be gained through involvement in societies and volunteering, giving students the competitive edge they need. At the end of this month, look out for ‘Your Story Starts Here’ on 31st January - a large campus event that will showcase the wide variety of extracurricular opportunities we have here at Warwick for our students.

On that note, I’d like to wish all of our societies the very best for 2017 and say thank you for everything you all do.

Ted Crowson,
SU Sports Officer

At Warwick we are incredibly fortunate that we have 66 diverse sports clubs who are central to campus life, and for many like myself, it is being a member of a sports club that will really shape their university experience. Therefore I am delighted to launch the #TeamWarwick campaign, so as a University we can really begin to celebrate our sports clubs, and get behind our teams for what promises to be an enthralling term of sport, with plenty of drama expected along the way.

Central to this campaign is the message that we are all part of the same community here: we are all part of #TeamWarwick. For the sports lovers amongst us, it is often forgotten that there is high class sport on campus every week. And even better, not only is it right on your doorstep, but those competing are wearing a Warwick shirt. So regardless of whether you are banging in the goals for the football team, or simply cheering on your mates from the side-lines, you can really make a difference.

With Varsity coming up this term, you have the opportunity to be part of something special. It is an event that brings the whole campus together, staff and students alike, and for a few days each year everybody feels part of the same team, and long may that continue. This year Varsity will undoubtedly be a bigger event than ever before, so begin to get excited, and keep an eye out for the exciting plans we will be revealing over the next few weeks.

Luke Pilot,
SU President  

luke pilot

We have a vibrant and diverse range of sport clubs here at Warwick that add a huge amount of value to the essence of this University. Team sport can do so much to contribute to the student experience – it creates lasting friendships, builds self-esteem, provides an outlet away from study and unites all people who engage with it behind a common goal, regardless of background; it has lasting value long after University days are over and evidence shows that it can really help with developing employability skills. We are really proud of our teams here at Warwick; for all they do to contribute to the life of our University, for all they do to build a stronger community and for all they do to enhance our reputation. Thank you to all of you and good luck for this coming year. We are all #teamwarwick