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Changes made to improve accessibility

We hope that a project to improve the accessibility of the public-facing web site will receive funding to enable significant progress towards full compliance with the EU directive on accessibility. Meanwhile, IT Services has been able to make some small improvements to our infrastructure as we discover issues and as part of our regular work. In some cases, this work is as a result of a review of the web site and a Jisc Snapshot report. Latest changes to our public-facing web site and our coursework management system are reported in each systems technical release notes, as they happen.

Here are highlights of recent web site changes:

  • making the site search button label always visible (ID-266)
  • when tabbing through the navigation ensuring that the tab position is visible (ID-290)
  • improving the contrast on the tab focus outline so it's always visible (ID-291)
  • reviewing the primary, secondary and tertiary navigation on the web site so that it is possible to navigate via keyboard alone drop-down menu's and jump between the navigation levels (ID-294, ID 317)
  • adding skip to navigation and skip to content links on the web site (ID-316)
  • making links underlined in help popovers in the Sitebuilder editor's interface (SBTWO-8521)
  • increasing font size and clarity of error messages within our forum pages (SBTWO-8579)
  • removing our text-only web site rendition, as this had several issues (SBTWO-8780)
  • within our forms, making tabbing work more consistently and permitting tabbing between error messages (SBTWO-8812)

Here are some highlights of recent single sign-on changes:

  • making it clearer that there are two ways of getting the two-factor key, either by text or by using an authenticator application (SSO-2356, SSO-2357, SSO-2358)
  • properly setting the language, so that screen reader software doesn't use American English (SSO-2368)

Here are some highlights of recent coursework management (Tabula) changes:

  • removing duplicate links from the student view of assignments (TAB-7110)
  • making Tabula keyboard drop-down menus, tooltips, popovers, navigable filters, links, modals, paginated results and collapsed sections keyboard-navigable (TAB-7109, TAB-7171)
  • making the tab focus indicator visible (TAB-7219)
  • improving the tab order (TAB-7338)

False-positive results from accessibility checkers:

  • When testing our site using accessibility checkers we have found that some tools report an issue where we believe there is none. Some of these we have been able to work around, or anticipate will be removed with improvements to the checking tools themselves. For more information see our false-positives page.