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Tabula Privacy Statement

Student Profiles

Your student profile displays information pertaining to you from the University's Student Records system ("SITS"), the timetabling system(s) and other areas of Tabula. Access to this information is provided on a needs basis, and is used for the sole purpose of delivering your degree course(s).

When a meeting is scheduled or recorded with a personal tutor or supervisor, your identity is stored against it. This is required to provide an audit trail of the meeting and who has approved the record, and to provide accountability if the record is used for marking Monitoring Points (see below).

All published information stored in Tabula about you is visible to you on your student profile.

Small Group Teaching

When you sign up to seminars or tutorials in Tabula, we record your identity and the date and time that you signed up to a particular group. This is required to assemble your timetable and allocate you and other students to seminars and tutorials.

Administrators or educators can record attendance at seminars or tutorials through Tabula and this is displayed through your student profile. As an administrator or educator, your identity is stored against this in order to provide an audit trail and accountability if this is used for marking Monitoring Points (see below).

Coursework Management

When you submit an assignment using Tabula, your identity is stored against the submission. This is required to be able to mark the assignment and return the feedback to you.

We also record various other activities such as when you download your feedback, or details of meetings with tutors and supervisors. Some of this event information is made available to your module and department administrators for the sole purpose of running the course more effectively, such as being able to tell how many people are reading their feedback.

If you are using the application as an administrator or educator, your actions within the application are also recorded. This is to provide accountability and assist with diagnosing problems, but the data is not exposed.

Monitoring Points

An administrator or educator can record your attendance through Monitoring Points, either manually or automatically by recording other actions in Tabula (as above). Each Monitoring Point records the identity of the user who recorded it along with the date and time, for accountability purposes.

At the end of each term, the number of missed Monitoring Points is returned to the Student Records system in order to monitor visa compliance, which may result in actions being taken. All Monitoring Points are visible in your student profile.