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Associate Fellows

Associate Fellows make up the Institute’s wider support network and contribute to the work of the Learning Circles. They're also appointed for two years and we look forward their invaluable input!

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Arts

Professional Services

Faculty of Science, Engineering & Medicine

Aruni Fonseka (Physics)

I firmly believe that universities play a central role in shaping our society, both technologically and culturally. My engagement interests are around ‘leaving no one behind’ and involving members from the two extreme age groups of the society in this journey, in a mutually beneficial manner.

Dave Harvey (WMG)

I've been teaching marketing in universities for over 30 years and joined WMG as a Senior Teaching Fellow in 2018. I have experience of various sales and marketing roles within the computing and communications industries. During my time as a university teacher, I've been involved in range of engagement activities with schools and employers, including open days, guest lectures and supervising Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

Deepak Parashar (WMS)

I'm an Associate Professor at WMS and a Turing Fellow. My research focuses on mathematical methods in cancer clinical trials. I delivered a sold-out lecture on ‘The maths of personalised medicine’ at 2019 British Science Festival and I'm keen to enhance public communication of statistical data science via WIE.

Eleanor Hoverd (WMS)

I'm a Research Nurse and work in GP practices in inner-city Coventry. I'm passionate about engaging with people of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, to improve representation of all individuals in health research. I have experience of leading on Patient and Public Involvement activities within the West Midlands.

Eric Holub (Life Sciences)

I'm a geneticist with expertise in plant health, culinary breeding and food hub development. I'm adapting haricot beans as a novel food crop for UK farmers, and selecting other Mexican native crops for production from British sunshine. The aim, Brex-Mex: nudging British diets to more homegrown pulses and fresh produce.

Freya Harrison (Life Sciences)

Talking to the public about science, and about what scientists do, is an important and enjoyable part of my job. I have extensive experience of working with different audiences to communicate research, provide curriculum enrichment opportunities, help journalism students talk to scientists, and widen participation in STEM education at all levels from primary school to postgraduate study.

Katy Angliss (WMG)

'I’m looking forward to being involved with WIE, working with other Fellows on widening engagement, sharing my research interests in multi-projects and portfolio management together with my varied engagement experience spanning from postgraduate students, alumni and schools to industrial partners and professional bodies.

I believe in engagement for all with no boundaries, learning together, sharing knowledge and experiences, embracing innovative ideas and diversity, with inspiring and thought-provoking communication, broadening horizons and enabling engagement for everyone'.

Lazaros Andronis (WMS)

I am a Reader in Health Economics, based in the Centre for Health Economics at Warwick. I regularly engage with members of the public who I see as valuable partners in my research. Over the next four years, I’ll be working closely with a team of children and young people (CYP) to design, disseminate and manage a research project aiming to tease out the (monetary) value CYP place on their time.

Mark Williams (WMG)

I'm head of the Metrology research group and Centre for imaging, Metrology, and Additive Technology (CiMAT) at WMG. Current research interests include Advanced Measurement Systems, Digital scanning and 3D Visualisation. Beyond application within a wide range of industry sectors, recent projects have seen a diversification into Criminal Forensics and Heritage and Archaeology sectors.

Massimiliano Lacertosa (Philosophy)

Massimiliano Lacertosa is a Teaching Fellow in the Philosophy department. He is actively engaged in the diversification and decolonisation of the curriculum. He has developed modules in Comparative Philosophy and Chinese Philosophy. His aim is to develop an inclusive engagement approach to Philosophy.

Minhyong Kim (Maths)

I have given numerous lectures for primary and secondary school students and teachers, mostly in Korea. I frequently lecture at corporate training workshops. I have written five books for the general public. 'The Moment You Need Mathematics' was on the list of top 20 bestsellers in Korea for eight weeks.

Oksana Trushkevych (Physics)

I'm a researcher in Physics and Engineering and lead “The Science of Music” module. I love sharing my passion for liquid crystals, music and ultrasound. I'm a regular helper at Open Days, school visits and Warwick Christmas lectures and have led an event at British Science Festival 2019.

Rejmana Fardosh-Aki (UG Student, Life Sciences)


Coming from a widening participation background, sharing and encouraging my own passions to a diverse community is important to me. My experience with engagement varies from helping primary school students to enjoy STEM subjects to making digital resources to help teachers take care of their mental health. I hope that being a fellow will open up oppurtunities to work with a community outside of academia.

Saskia Bakker (Advanced Bioimaging)

I love playing with the electron microscopes in the Advanced Bioimaging RTP and I'm fascinated by viruses. I've been involved in engagement since my PhD and now run 'Virus Hunters' to find viruses in pond water. I especially enjoy encouraging primary school children to investigate the world around them.

Shirley Sturzaker (WMS, WMG)

I am the Marketing & Communications Manager for Warwick Medical School, currently on secondment from WMG. Whilst I work primarily within the Science faculty, I really enjoy working collaboratively with all teams across the university to promote engagement both internally and externally. I have been delighted to be involved in projects such as British Science Festival, Your Future Moves, Family Days and Open Days to promote the work of the faculty and the university. I have always been passionate about public engagement in previous roles across the public and private sector, and really enjoy creating opportunities to inspire the next generation through our innovative research and education.

Tishtrya Mehta (Physics)

I'm a PhD student in the Physics department, where I researche the hidden mysteries of the Sun. Outside of this role, I take an active interest in promoting science to the general public, and I'm passionate about creating an environment where STEM is accessible and engaging to all.

Yasmin Rahman (WMS – Student)

I'm a Public Health student with a passion for engagement, as it allows knowledge to be exchanged and made accessible to the public, particularly to disadvantaged communities. I'm also a member of the COVID-19 Research Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Advisory Group for Barts Health NHS Trust.

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Faculty of Social Sciences

Amy Stickels (Warwick Foundation Studies)

As a parent, ex-secondary school teacher, member of the local community and a member of teaching staff at the university, I understand and experience engagement from a variety of perspectives – the really interesting part is bringing it altogether for mutual benefit, creating a community of belonging and sharing.

Anna Tranter (Warwick Foundation Studies)

As a teacher on the Warwick International Foundation Programme, I am particularly keen to maximise effective engagement: to deliver good quality student centred teaching and learning and to enable all students to successfully access higher education.

Christopher Strelluf (Applied Linguistics)

I'm an assistant professor of linguistics. My work explores the things people do with language and the things language does to people. I've shared linguistic research in radio, television, print, public lectures, and workshops in the United States, United Kingdom, and Cameroon.

Emil Kostadinov (Economics)

I am a labour economist and a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Economics. As Economics studies a much broader set of issues than commonly perceived, I am especially keen on promoting the subject as an area for further studies to students in secondary education. I have taken part in enrichment events for high-school students and in the design of learning resources aimed at bridging the gap between diverse backgrounds in mathematics for students joining economics degrees.

Jack Jones (Student – PAIS)

I'm a second year PAIS student. Having been a member of the Warwick Economics Summit Communications Team during my first year of university, I'm keen to use the skills developed to support the initiatives of the Institute and help to promote engagement within the University and the wider community.

Stefania Paredes Fuentes (Economics)

I'm an Associate Professor in Economics working on making Economics more engaging to all and increase diversity. I'm involved in various projects aiming to diversify the discipline, and has embedded ‘engagement’ as learning objective and as part of the assessment activities in my modules. In January 2020, I organised “Women in Economics: Student Workshop” in which students from 12 UK universities presented their ideas on how to make Economics more engaging for all. I'm a Diversity Champion for the Royal Economic Society, in which I work on ensuring that diversity and inclusion are embedded in the policy-decision making processes across the UK academic and professional sector.

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Faculty of Arts

Celine Nithila-George (Liberal Arts – Student)

I am a Liberal Arts finalist (specialising in civic innovation and engagement) and an Innovation Fellow for Warwick Enterprise. Through ICUR, the WIE’s Public Engagement module and collaborating with Coventry City of Culture programme designers, I have come to greatly value making engagement an intrinsic part of the university experience.

David Lees (SMLC)​

I am passionate about engaging with a range of audiences. I have worked extensively with primary and secondary schools, supporting students from a range of backgrounds with language learning. I am also passionate about raising the profile of languages, having given well over 250 media interviews since 2015.

Gavin Schwartz Leeper (Liberal Arts)

My primary interest in engagement activities relates to social justice: institutions of higher education are built on and operate within historic systems of inequality. My aspiration is to work with and learn from colleagues whose work not only helps the wider public understand the research we do, but also uses an open model to invite systemic change. I am particularly interested in building on widening participation, access, engagement, and liberation work to help make an institutional policy landscape that is more just.

Gioia Panzarella (GSD)

I’m the Student Experience and Engagement Manager for honours-level students in the Global Sustainable Development department. I facilitate student-centered projects for GSD students and coordinate the GSD Student Ambassadors scheme. I have professional experience in communication and research sites of dissemination of contemporary literary productions by translingual authors.

Jacqui Butler (Classics – PhD student)

I’m working towards a PhD in Classics/Ancient History and am involved with a project creating teaching resources for schools using the department’s artefact collection. I also co-edit a new blog (Material Musings) highlighting research on ancient material culture. My engagement interest stems from being a British Museum volunteer tour guide.

Katie Anderson (Marketing Director, Warwick Arts Centre)

I am passionate about the role of arts and culture in people’s lives and relish opportunities for the University to engage further with its local communities.

As the lead for marketing and communications at Warwick Arts Centre my approach has always to widen audience engagement and champion visitor experience. Making the work and world of the University of Warwick more widely disseminated and understood can only be a good thing.

Mark Knights (History)

My interest in engagement stems from my work on the history of corruption and officeholding in Britain and its empire 1600-1850. I wrote a report for Transparency International about what lessons can be gleaned about anti-corruption from the past; and this influenced EU policymakers. I also seek to engage local groups in history.

Paul Grigsby (Classics)

I'm a Research Follow in the Dept. of Classics and Ancient History. Alongside Prof. Michael Scott, I run the Warwick Classics Network (WCN) whose teaching resources have been viewed almost 200,000 times during lockdown. I'm currently developing a project on Roman Coventry with local schools.

Ross Forman (English)

I'm an Associate Professor in the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies. I'm a specialist in nineteenth-century literature and culture and queer studies. Previous engagement work includes collaboration with the University of São Paulo, Brazil on 'The Novel without Frontiers.' I'm currently working with colleagues at Liverpool University on Covid-19's impact on Britain's Chinese communities.

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Professional Services

Caroline Rushingwa (Recruitment)

I'm an experienced leader in higher education and global business development with over 7 years track record of driving growth in challenging international markets servicing students and stakeholders. My expertise in international higher education has encompassed international student mobility and government level engagement. I'm strongly committed to economic empowerment, leadership and a deep interest in re-defining Africa’s growth. I'm passionate about how youth engagement with education can define the future African nations.

Emma Griffiths (Development and Alumni)

As Trusts & Foundations Manager in the Development Team I bring insight into engaging with partners and funders to secure collaborations and investment. I have extensive experience in fundraising, advocacy, and creating partnerships. I am passionate about engagement and knowledge sharing and am delighted to be part of the WIE.

Kayleigh Buckingham-Pegg (Recruitment)

Since joining Warwick in December 2019 I’ve embraced the challenge of building strong relationships during a pandemic and a highlight of my recruitment role is engaging with people globally through digital platforms. With WIE I am excited to connect with colleagues and the wider community!

Susan Louise Carr (Development and Alumni)

I have shared my passion for causes close to my heart with others throughout my career in the charity sector. I believe education is the best way to transform the future and I can’t wait to help others engage with this world-changing force through Warwick’s Institute of Engagement!

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