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Stories of Fellowship

Fellows are the life blood of our Institute. Without their support and the fantastic contirbution our Learning Circles make we wouldn't have made half the progress we have. We're on the lookout for new Fellows right now - why not take a look at what these current Fellows had to say about their time with us so far and then head over to our Fellowship pages to apply yourself?

Phil Jemmett - Outreach Project Officer, WMG

"Warwick has always felt like an institution that is proud of the research and teaching that goes on here. I think an important part of that is sharing the highlights of that work with the widest possible audience, to help shape the future, to build trust in new products, and to embed ourselves as part of our local community. To me, the Institute of Engagement represents a formal and powerful statement of intent on that mission, bringing together people from every department, building and sector of the university united by a passion for communicating and engaging with people outside the traditional academic audience.

I entered the Institute with a narrow vision of what engagement looked like and have been blown away by the range, depth and breadth of projects that are in action. I have met and learned from people whose approach to public engagement starts before the activity by training staff to get involved in the first place right through to evaluating the impact and proving the value of these activities after the event. By working collaboratively, we are able to make more inclusive and accessible plans and learn best practise from each other. Simply put, being a fellow has made me better at Public Engagement."

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Jack Jones - UG Politics and International Studies Student

Why did you apply for the WIE fellowship?

I was motivated to apply for the Fellowship position because I wanted to see more opportunities for students to showcase their ideas and research to an audience, and have the resources and encouragement to be co-producers of knowledge.

What has been your experience being a fellow?

Shortly after being appointed, I was delighted to be asked to chair a learning circle exploring how the Institute can better provide training in public engagement to students. Being a Fellow has allowed me to network with staff and students from across the university, and get a behind-the-scenes look at how the university delivers its fantastic range of programmes and events, and have an input into this process.

Would you recommend this fellowship to other student?

I would enthusiastically recommend to any student passionate about raising the profile of public engagement within the university to apply to become a Fellow.

Picture of Jack

Ian Tuersley - Professor, WMG

"It has been a great privilege, as well as hugely interesting and rewarding to have been appointed as a Foundation Fellow of the Warwick Institute for Engagement (WIE). In the first year since its launch, it has already seen a great deal of achievement. I think that there has always been a wealth of brilliant activities undertaken across campus by many groups and individuals that take the fascinating work that goes on across the University out into the wider world. But the initiation of WIE has enabled these initiatives to find a place to thrive, to develop and to include others who are interested in such work. Not only does Engagement work provide activities and events of interest to the target audience but it generates a reputational boost to our University within the communities that it serves, from local to global. It also provides great opportunities for personal development, as the Knowledge Exchange Framework is set to become an increasingly important and recognised feature of careers across the Higher Education sector.

I would strongly encourage applications for the next round of Fellowship appointments. The opportunity to work with colleagues from across the University on such a wide range of Impact, Outreach and Engagement activities has been very rewarding."


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