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Graduate Stories

Our Public Engagement: Connecting Communities to Research module launched in 2020. The module takes 10 weeks and sees students joining us from departments all over Warwick. They've produced wonderful videos, blogs and even a live event of their own. Two of our graduated students have been in touch to share their reflections on taking part in the module and what they've gained from the experience. The module runs through IATL and will be open to all second, third, and fourth year students to choose as a module option for next year.


"Taking the Public Engagement module in my final year fundamentally changed my perception of science and my career. I got a taste of how crucial, diverse, and creative this field is throughout numerous academic projects. After I graduated from the university, I kept practicing public engagement as a hobby on multiple social media platforms. During my work experiences as a Biologist, I emphasised the importance of science communication, and I am delighted to see a growing desire to apply it."

Woman standing in front of a tree in autumn with leaves falling behind her

Part of the module includes the creation of videos to tell people about a topic the students are passionate about - Sustainable Kitchen is one of our favourites and was produced by Dorottya to tell people how they can be more environmentally considerate in the kitchen.


Helen blew us away with this video she made for our module. It shares the concept of Machiavellian Virtue and how it relates to modern thinking. Told through (the sometimes gruesome) medium of cartoon ducks!

"Studying public engagement (PE) allowed me to express my creativity and test my understanding of the discipline in ways different from simply writing essays. I’ve been thinking of pursuing a career as a political risk analyst, and for that, it will be important that I am able to explain complex, discipline-specific issues to people with no prior knowledge of them. This is exactly what PE prepares you for."

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