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Placement Stories

Placements with WIE

This year we've hosted four placement students in the Institute. Two PhD level students from the Midlands Integrative Biosciences Training Partnership (MIBTP), and two UG students from the Psychology module "Placement, Outreach and Engagement". We've loved working closely with the students and hearing their thoughts and ideas on how we can do more to support the student population.

Nic Briggs - PhD Student

Nic came to use for three months from the MIBTP. He'd had very little experience with public engagement before approaching the team, however hit the ground running with helping us deliver Pint of Science in May and the first few months of Resonate. His skills and insights where a huge benefit to the team and we can't wait to get him out doing engagement with his own research soon!

As he put it "I feel I will take away many vital skills that will make communicating my research to fellow scientists and the wider public much more engaging."

You can read his full story in our October Student Spotlight piece

A dark haired man taking a seflie whilst climbing a mountain

Tom Page - PhD Student

Tom also came to use for three months from the MIBTP. He'd done some large scale public engagement events before, but never experienced the full range of skills it takes to make large events happen. He did a huge amount of work to support the planning of the ESRC Festival in 2021 and we're really appreaciative of his efforts.

You can read his full story in our October Student Spotlight piece

"I was immensely satisfied with my time here at the Institute of Engagement and left with the knowledge that it will serve me well into my future and professional career."

Yuval Ben-Arzi - UG Psychology Student

"During my 10 week placement and WIE I have helped organise the one year anniversary for the institute. These 10 weeks have provided me with an array of skills from time management, to engagement information which I will use in the future. I have also got to see and helped with the behind the scenes of different events, helping with planning, marketing and even hosting through virtual platforms. I would recommend this placement to students specifically interested in event planning and public engagement as this placement will provide you with very beneficial skills which will be used in future careers."

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Kheira Gordon - UG Psychology Student

I am delighted to say that I have been a part of the Warwick Institute of Engagement team for the past couple of months. Throughout my placement with WIE, I have had the opportunity to get involved in various projects supporting the 2021 Festival of Social Science and the Coventry City of Culture. It has been extremely rewarding to be able to contribute to the community in a valuable manner and help bring people together for a wide range of interesting events. From event planning to social media management, I have had the opportunity to learn and develop many new skills and attributes with the support of the WIE team. This has allowed me to grow as an individual and meet many new people along the way! I would recommend getting involved with the WIE in any way that you can, as no matter what you contribute, you will leave the experience with a sense of fulfilment and growth.

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