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Stories from Resonate

Our City of Culture celebrations have been a wonderful source of inspriation for the whole team. Celebrating the power of creativity, conversation and connection, The Resonate Festival launched in May 2021 and brings a 12-month programme of inspiring and interactive events (nearly all of them free) for people of all ages across Coventry and Warwickshire to spark ideas, curiosity and creativity. Resonate culminates in a grand finale – a three-day festival on campus in April 2022. You can explore our Stories from Resonate below, or visit the Resonate Festival website to see events coming up.

Really fantastic talk, really engaging moderator and an excellent panel. Absolutely fascinating to hear about the social and ethical side of autonomous vehicles and how divisive the question of how safe is safe is. - Image of a driverless pod vehicle.


Our month of invention covered sustainability, creativity and the future of transport. With schools’ shows, debates and art classes we kicked off our year of Resonate Festival in style. Catch up on the Resonate website.

It's my pleasure to be involved in any work with you. Many thanks for giving me the opportunity. The event was amazing. it worked very well. Special thanks to Vicky, her message made me feel proud of myself - Image shows a drawing of an adult holding hands with 2 children. They are looking up a set of stairs to a landscape of  sunset in a heart.


In June we joined up with Coventry Welcomes and worked with some of Coventry’s newest residents. Yanal (whose feedback you can see here) took part in our online art exhibition exploring what ‘Home’ means for recent refugees and migrants. Visit the gallery.

I love my city and I am so proud of it. Wartching the film was such an incredible experience. The building of the cathedral was so symbolic of something in our city's history. Seeing all the componant elements and the part all played in the designing, making, building, creating was beautiful. Thank you - Image shows the stain glass window in Coventry's Modern Cathedral


Our screening of the BBC Four documentary Coventry Cathedral: Building for a New Britain was held in the Cathedral and was an emotional experience. Staff and students from the Centre for Television Histories helped to make the film and took part in this event.

We are so lucky to have someone locally with the vision and the skills to put on events like these… It was great to be reminded of old times and great to discover details I never knew, but the most vital part... is ... that these are not purely historical movements of archive and nostalgic interest but live and ongoing ones and to help raise awareness among younger music lovers... - Image shows an audience at an event in Coventry Cathedral


2Tone: Lives and Legacies – Over the summer, we worked with the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum and CineCov to hold a series of film screenings across Coventry exploring the lives and legacies of the 2Tone movement to coincide with the Herbert's exhibition.

Brilliant. I felt the two screenings I attended were very well introduced, and gave not only food for thought in general, but also angles of interpretation of the films which I found incredibly helpful and insightful.  - Image shows the frontage of the newly redeveloped Arts Centre


For Futures month, we were thrilled to organise some of the first events in the new Warwick Arts Centre cinema screens with ‘The Apocalypse is now!’ film season. This incorporated screenings and talks by researchers from across campus.

To see part of my culture celebrated that is often overlooked was amazing - and people (older women) have a moment in the spotlight. Image shows group of people in the City of Culture Treehouse watching a performance

Words and Voices

Our 2 day residency at the Assembly Festival Gardens in September saw poetry, spoken word performance, language learning, oral history sharing, music, dance and more. A wonderful opportunity to celebrate the cultures of Coventry. Read all about the events on the Resonate Website.

Coventry God Cakes

Have you ever heard of the Coventry God Cake?

Our December Resonate Festival theme, Feast!, is all about showcasing the different festive foods and drinks of the diverse people of Coventry and Warwickshire

Show Me What You're Made Of!

This fabulous school show for children aged 9-11 was part of our Invention activities. Tune in to explore how we decide what to make something out of and what materials to choose to make the world a healthy green planet

sign reading one way or another way

Nudge Theory

Can a nudge in the right direction help us save the planet?

Climate change is a global challenge, but how do we get people to engage at an individual level? Explore our blog with Lory Barile, an expert in nudge theory from Warwick Economics.

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