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Collaboration and Co-Production Fund

The Collaboration and Co-Production Fund

About the Fund

The Warwick Institute of Engagement (WIE) is seeking to support current staff and students to develop ongoing strategic relationships with local, regional, and national public partners. In time, these relationships will lead to co-production of, and collaboration in, research projects, innovation programmes and strategy, as well as collaboration on the discussion of research outcomes and the co-organisation of public engagement events.

Awards of up to £3,000 will be available, to support activities that focus on building new, or strengthening existing, relationships, with local, regional, and national community partners, groups or organisations.

Relationship building/strengthening could include:

  • Developing a sense of reciprocity between individuals in the University and groups within the community
  • Developing an understanding of each others’ perspectives, aims and objectives.
  • Identifying areas of importance to a community or a group where they feel the University could help create positive impact.
  • Developing ideas that could become funded co-produced or collaborative projects.
  • Identifying ways in which the University could support communities beyond specific projects.
  • Exploring ways in which communities and groups could work together with the University to create impactful actions that create social benefit.
  • Exploring ways in which communities and groups could work with the University to collaborate on the discussion of research outcomes and co-host public facing events

How to apply

There are two deadlines for the fund, one in October and one in February. All funds need to be spent in the same academic year (by 31 July).

You should work with your community partner to jointly complete your application. Details of support for this is available below. Each staff member is expected to be the lead on only one project application, but can be the co-applicant on others.

To help you prepare your application you can download:

When you're happy with your application you should complete the application via our Sitebuilder form.

The next deadline for applications is 23:59 Sunday 12th February 2023

How we review applications

We use a two stage review process. Firstly applications will be reviewed and scored by a group of WIE Fellows with expertise in Collaborative Engagement. They will assess all applications against the criteria set out here. In the event of a conflict of interest an alternate reviewer will be used.

The top scoring applications will then be then be reviewed by a panel comprised of the Chair of our Co-production Learning Circle, select team members from WIE, and some of our Regional Fellows. This group will sense check scoring and agree how many applications to fund.

Online Support - WIE Skills Festival

The WIE Skills Festival is home to dozens of resources to support plans for public engagement. Of particular relevance we have guides on:

Support available

We are running a series of activities aimed at supporting you to complete your application.

Networking Lunch

Thu 20 Oct, 12:30-1:30pm - Wolfson Research Exchange (The Library)

This informal networking sessions is a chance to connect with colleagues and the WIE Team. We'll be happy to informally discuss applications as part of this session.

Book now

Drop in Workshop

Wed 26 Oct, 2-5pm, - Ramphal 2.38

The team will be based in Ramphal waiting to read applications and provide feedback. We can also talk to you via Teams in the same timeslot

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Peer Review/ General questions

If you send a draft of your application to the team before 26 October we will send it to a WIE Fellow for review and feedback. Send your draft to We're also happy to answer general questions and enquiries.

Successful Applications

If you're successful in your application you will receive a project code to spend the fund from. You must spend by the end of the Financial Year (31 July 2023) or the money will no longer be available. We are unable to roll over funds.

At the end of your project you will be required to submit a report covering:

  • Successful awardees will need to submit a report (by close of financial year of award) covering:
  • activities conducted to build/strengthen the relationship
  • full budget report on monies spent
  • statement from the external partner reflecting on the activities
  • statement on immediate next steps (set against their desired outcomes from their application form)

Additionally, you will also need to commit to inform WIE of new activities with their partner and provide an annual return to WIE on the status of the relationship they built/strengthened for 3 years after funding.

Previously funded projects

Read about projects we've funded in previous rounds.

Finding your external partner

If you have ideas for a project but want support connecting with potential partners get in touch with the team. We can put you in touch with certain groups in the community we have relationships with already, and connect you to others in the university who have relationships. Contact us at