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WIE Collaboration and Co-Production Fund

Piggy bank

The Warwick Institute of Engagement (WIE) is seeking to support current staff and students to develop ongoing strategic relationships with local, regional, and national public partners. In time, these relationships will lead to co-production of, and collaboration in, research projects, innovation programmes and strategy, as well as collaboration on the discussion of research outcomes and the co-organisation of public engagement events.

Awards of up to £3,000 will be available, to support activities that focus on building new, or strengthening existing, relationships, with local, regional, and national community partners, groups or organisations.

Relationship building/strengthening could include:

  • Developing a sense of reciprocity between individuals in the University and groups within the community
  • Developing an understanding of each others’ perspectives, aims and objectives.
  • Identifying areas of importance to a community or a group where they feel the University could help create positive impact.
  • Developing ideas that could become funded co-produced or collaborative projects.
  • Identifying ways in which the University could support communities beyond specific projects.
  • Exploring ways in which communities and groups could work together with the University to create impactful actions that create social benefit.
  • Exploring ways in which communities and groups could work with the University to collaborate on the discussion of research outcomes and co-host public facing events

Applications are pen bi-annually. In 2021-22, there were 2 rounds of applications November 2021 and February 2022. Further application dates will be released in the new financial year.

Applicants are encouraged to support and mentor community partners unused to writing funding applications, and to make it clear in their answers where the community partner has contributed to the application. Each staff member is expected to be the lead on only one project application, but can be the co-applicant on others.

Application review process

  Download the review criteria

Applications will be considered in first instance by group of WIE Fellows and invited external participants. Fellows will be drawn from Learning Circle 5 (reviewing research project bids) and Learning Circle 11 (Co-Production and Collaboration). Any Fellow applying will be excused from considering their own application.

This review panel will make recommendations to WIE Directors and Core Team on which projects to fund.

Awardees will need to check with WIE/ Regional and Community teams for previous attempts to create connections particularly with local groups to ensure same groups are not approached multiple times. Contact to discuss this if required.

Successful awardees will need to submit a report (by close of financial year of award) covering:

  • activities conducted to build/strengthen the relationship
  • full budget report on monies spent
  • statement from the external partner reflecting on the activities

  • statement on immediate next steps (set against their desired outcomes from their application form)

Additionally, they will also need to commit to inform WIE of new activities with their partner and provide an annual return to WIE on the status of the relationship they built/strengthened for 3 years after funding.

Further questions and support

We ran a help session with advice about the purpose of the fund in January. You can watch the recording of this session below:

The WIE Skills FestivalLink opens in a new window is also home to a variety of resources to support your engagement practice.

You can also email if you have specific queries.

When to submit your application

Applications open September and January. An online application form will be made available through our webpages.

All monies awarded to be spent by the end of the financial year (31 July)

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