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Learning Circle 6: Student training in Public Engagement

snapshot of WIE skills fest mapMembership

Chairs: Jack Jones (UG Student), Associate Fellow, Faculty of Social Sciences and Kevin Moffat, Honorary Fellow - Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine

WIE Team Link: Naomi Kay

Members: Kate Owen, Jerry Yu, Florian Reiche, Felicity Boardman, Anna Tranter, Paul Grigsby, Nick Barker, Celine Nithila-George, Tishtrya Mehta, Elisabeth Blagrove, Kayleigh Buckingham-Pegg, Katie Tipple, Luke Degun, Saba Alhagagi, Rejwana Fardosh-Aki.

Achievements January - July 2021

So far we’ve met twice to review potential support we can offer to WIE and students across Warwick. We've agreed upon our remit as a group and put into place plans for a student focus group on training to inform our strategy going forward.

Additionally we fed extensively into the development of the WIE Skills FestivalLink opens in a new window, in particular the UG and PG versions of this. We are also supporting LC2 with plans for a WIE network conference.

Ambitions into 2022

We are at the preliminary stages of the establishment of a student focus group which will provide feedback and advice on what students want from WIE and their engagement training. From this we will be providing recommendations to the core team, and also reviewing student training materials in line with these learnings. We will also begin to work on developing our own materials to support students moving forward.

Finally we will be exploring what training already exists for students at Warwick and providing recommendations of where WIE may be able to slot in.