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Students Engage

Welcome to Students Engage

Getting involved in engagement is a great opportunity for students. Find out more about what the Institute of Engagement is doing to support students to get involved in engagement - including dedicated training courses, embedding engagement as part of teaching, and identifying key volunteer opportunities for students.

WIE Skills Festival

Visit our virtual festival to explore resources and training sessions to help take your engagement practice to the next level.

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Engagement and the Student Experience

We believe that students who have the chance to get involved with Engagement will leave university with a more well rounded and rewarding education. We're working with our Learning Circles to identify how we can open this opportunity up to as many students as possible. We want to see Engagement embedded in teaching, societies, and opportunities like the Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS) - which we're delighted to see featuring public engagement projects for the first time in 2021!

Meet the Team

Discover more about the team behind the Institute and what we're working on with our engagement fellows

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