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February 2021

February 2021 - How to Engage: Communicating research to the public

On Monday 8 Feb we were joined by 14 students from across Warwick for a session as part of the Spring Festival of Careers. As part of the session we discussed what engagement is about, why it matters and looked at some tips for doing it well. We then asked the students to have a go at engaging us with something they're passionate about. They could do this in a number of ways; as a Tweet, through Emoji, or talking to us about an object. Here are some of their brilliant submissions:

Firstly Sofia used a piece of paper to demonstrate how a camera works in one of the best explanations of aperture, shutter speed and ISO we've heard in under 60 seconds!

Next we had some of our Tweet submissions...

Image shows a tweet - Plain text version of tweet written below
Zoe's Tweet reads: "What if humans had wings? Owned flying cars? Could swap limbs for parts? How would any of these things affect society as we know it? Read science fiction. It's only about green aliens sometimes..."
See plan text below. Tweet also shows image of some pills
Jerry's Tweet reads: "17 thousand metric tonnes of pharmaceutical waste were released by a global pharmaceutical company during 2019. Do the short-term benefits of pharmaceuticals outweigh the long-term environmental harm they cause?"
Picture of a tweet - text below
Francesca's Tweet reads: "Translanguaging is using different languages simultaneously. The UK has over 360 languages in our schools, For 19.5% of students in Early years English is an Additional Language. The current framework only mentions EAL once. Should we be translanguaging in our classrooms?"
Image shows a tweet - text below

Fionnuala's Tweet reads: "@Warwickengages Transition from R to Y1: (Based on the PG dissertation)

  • Partnership between school and home "togetherness"
  • Mediating change
  • Presence of SEND

Protective Factors:

  • -Sense of belonging in school community
  • Positive attachment to teacher
  • Pupil resilience"

Finally we had some emoji submissions

Screenshot of several Emoji - explanation below
This example from Ioana is to explain her dissertation about how suicide is represented on television and what differing impact that has on us as viewers.
Emoji example - Explanation below
This example from Siying demonstrates how the cultural sector contributes to economy, health, social cohesion etc...

We were really pleased with the creativity shown by the group and wish them all the best with their future engagement plans!