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Engagement and the Student Experience

Embedding engagement into the student experience is one of the core priorities for the Institute of Engagement.

As well as the launch of our own Public Engagement module, run as an interdisciplinary option through IATL, we're starting to catalogue the many modules across Warwick that include elements of public engagement - both in teaching and assessment. If you're aware of a module such as this please let us know.

For 2021 we're really excited to have Public Engagement featured as part of the Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS). The scheme enables undergraduate students to carry out an interdisciplinary summer research project, and now it can now also be used to support public engagement projects, or an element of public engagement alongside a research project.

There are 63 projects running in 2021 that feature an element of public engagement, with a huge number of departments and faculties represented.

As part of the work of our Engagement Fellows, we're running a series of Learning Circles to inform the work of the institute and where we go from here. Two of these are directly focused on our work with students:

Learning Circle 6: Student Training in Public Engagement (UG and PhD)

This LC will help develop WIE Introduction to Public Engagement courses for UG and PhD students; as well as work with the WIE Team to develop and deliver live sessions for Student Opportunity and Skills events; contribute to WIE’s IATL ‘Connecting Cultures: Public Engagement with Research’ module; as well as occasional contributions where appropriate to UG modules across the Faculties.

Learning Circle 7: Developing a Pedagogy of Public Engagement

This LC will run in conjunction with WIHEA, and will develop recommendations, best practice guidance and templates in the field of the Pedagogy of Public Engagement (teaching and assessment) focused at both UG and PGT level. This LC will work in collaboration with LC 6 (above) and will also participate where appropriate in UG Opportunity and Skills sessions and WIE’s IATL module. It will also in turn offer support where appropriate to staff and Departments (and EPQ) for the introduction of Public Engagement aspects to current modules / new Public Engagement modules and forms of assessment.