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Undergraduate Research Support Scheme and Public Engagement

The Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS) enables undergraduate students to carry out an interdisciplinary summer research project. We're delighted that for the first time in 2021 it can now also be used to support public engagement projects, or an element of public engagement alongside a research project.

There are 63 projects running in 2021 that feature an element of public engagement, with a huge number of departments and faculties represented.

Table shows the names of students, project titles, project departments and supervisors

Project Title

Project Department



Linguistic Boundaries to Refugee Integration in England

Centre for Applied Linguistics

Ayesha Afzaal

Yesim Kakalic, Helena Wall

Linguistic Boundaries to Refugee Integration in England

Centre for Applied Linguistics

Sarah Kokuhennedige

Yesim Kakalic, Helena Wall

The "Smart-Phone" Effect. How different call-making software alter vowel formants

Centre for Applied Linguistics

Isobelle Miles

Christopher Strelluf

Semantic-Pragmatic Shifts and Attitudinal Changes in Hong Kong English

Centre for Applied Linguistics

Michelle Wong

Christopher Strelluf

Supporting mature students: exploring the transition from Further Education to Higher Education

Centre for Education Studies

Yasmin Manjra

Rebecca Morris

The North-South Divide: An in-depth analysis into regional disparity in Education

Centre for Education Studies

Ethan Renshaw

Emma Smith

Seismologically probing the solar coronal heating function

Centre for Fusion, Space and Astrophysics

Joseph Fihosy

Dmitrii Kolotkov, Valery Nakariakov

Deciphering a patient voice: How authentic is the patient voice in Royal Edinburgh Asylum’s Morningside Mirror (1845-1852)?

Centre for the History of Medicine

Emmay Deville

Hilary Marland

"Polarité, solubilité, accessibilité" a new motto for drug discovery


Siobhan Boswood

David Fox

"Polarité, solubilité, accessibilité" a new motto for drug discovery


Keer Feng

David Fox

What kind of solutions can Ancient Athenian Democracy give to the 'Crisis of Fact' we face today?

Classics and Ancient History

Katharine Broderick

Michael Scott

Museum Vlogs

Classics and Ancient History

Tallulah George

Paul Grigsby

A study into Minerva and other deities on Claudian bronze coins and their imitations found in Britain and in Italy

Classics and Ancient History

Chloe Hales

Suzanne Frey-Kupper

Roman Coventry Time Capsules

Classics and Ancient History

Rebecca Preedy

Paul Grigsby

In the heart of slums: The engines of economy


Mimansha Maheshwari

Subhasish Dey

Environmental and Humanitarian study in the ongoing Farmer Protests in India


Paras Gupta

Reyes Garcia

Design of a prototype worm behaviour tracking station for operation in extreme environments


Adam Steel

Christopher James

Investigating the potential for self-inflicted lung injury due to spontaneous breathing under continuous positive airway pressure ventilation in COVID-19 patients.


Liam Weaver

Declan Bates, Das Anup

What are the representations of sexual abuse and sexual agency in non-fictional literature by Muslim women?

English and Comparative Literary Studies

Mehr Ahmad

Elizabeth Barry, Ravi Thiara

"Whiteness" in Antony and Cleopatra

English and Comparative Literary Studies

Tom Durant

Ursula Clayton, Carol Rutter

Building the Archive: Sorting and Using the Charles Thomas Collection

English and Comparative Literary Studies

Aoife Parr

Carol Rutter, Matt Franks

Changing visual representations of the Ainu

Film and Television Studies

Jonty Hyde

Alastair Phillips

Determining the carbon sequestration potential of mangroves in the U.A.E.

Global Sustainable Development

Sara Azeem

Jessica Savage

Roots of Populism - The Divide Between East and West Germany

Global Sustainable Development

Szebasztián Csernik-Tihn

Marta Guerriero

Intersectionality in the Climate Change Movement

Global Sustainable Development

Ari Hassan

Marta Guerriero

The Voice of Palau: Climate change attitudes, social implications and crisis planning

Global Sustainable Development

Isaac McGirr

Marta Guerriero, Jessica Savage

Fighting Climate Change: Science and Urban Design Partnerships for Sustainability

Global Sustainable Development

Melissa Yip

Marta Guerriero, Jessica Savage, Jonathan Clarke

To what extent should universities decolonise their curriculum?


Xaymaca Awoyungbo

Lydia Plath, Rebecca Stone

History, 1997 and All That: How The Labour Party Used History To Win in 1997


Will Barber Taylor

Simon Peplow

Decolonising Travel: The Methodological Importance of Queer Travel Writing


Declan Dadzie

Guido van Meersbergen, Natalya Din-Kariuki

Methods of female marginalisation under the Putin regime


Lauren Devine

Claire Shaw

De-secularising Travel: Decolonising Travel Studies Through Pilgrimage


Nida Mahmud

Guido van Meersbergen, Natalya Din-Kariuki

"Witch Hunt": A card game


Luke Messom

Martha McGill, Rebecca Stone

Decolonising Travel: Rethinking the Study of Travel Writing about Africa


Kevin Molloy

Guido van Meersbergen

Blackdown Mill


Jake Newbury

Aysu Dincer Hadjianastasis

Decolonising Travel: Sati through Subaltern Eyes


Chhaya Rai

Guido van Meersbergen, Natalya Din-Kariuki

Witch Hunt: a Card Game


Abigail Rylance

Martha McGill, Rebecca Stone

Leamington to Tarifa: A Historical Eco-Social analysis


Patrick Vasy de la Cruz

Rosie Doyle

Public Engagement Project - Narco-Mex: A History of the Mexican Drug Trade


Freddie Venables

Benjamin Smith, Naomi Kay

"Witch Hunt": A card game


Sophie Watson

Martha McGill, Rebecca Stone

Primitivist Subterfuge in the art of Wifredo Lam and George Keyt

History of Art

Serena Gupta

Danielle Stewart

Context of Human Rights in International Economic Law Dispute Resolution: A Study of the WTO's role


Sunny Ching

Velimir Zivkovic

The legal development of genocide and crimes against humanity through the case law of ad hoc tribunals

Legal Research Institute

Ana-Maria Militaru

Tor Krever

Rule-based modelling and simulation of Covid-19


Aaron Houldsworth

Markus Kirkilionis

Can we distinguish between sense and nonsense?


Joseph Alfon

Guy Longworth

The tractability of institutional reform for future generations in the UK


Thomas Barnes

Simon Caney

The Role of Folklore in Shaping Early Southeast Asian Philosophy


Rinakshie Rams

Massimiliano Lacertosa

Studying the debris field from the breakup of the artificial satellite population


Jack Davey

Don Pollacco

Mapping magnetic activity indicators across the M dwarf domain with CARMENES near-infrared spectroscopy


Dhruv Ganatra

Heather Cegla, Marina Lafarga Magro

The Exclusion of the Roma in Hungary: Public Narratives and Policies, and the Experiences of the Romani People

Politics and International Studies

Zoltan Herczegh

Tom Pettinger

Amar Sonar Bangla: The legacies of the Bengali community in Birmingham

Politics and International Studies

Onik Ullah

John Morris

Investigating the predictive factors of infant pointing-gesture development


Teruni Ahamat

Suzanne Aussems

Understanding plant systemic immunity using whole plant imaging with novel reporter constructs

School of Life Sciences

Kalyani Sharma

Murray Grant

Experiencing Language: Words and Voices Roadshow

School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Daniel Brennan

Katherine Astbury, Michael Scott

Words and Voices WIE Public Programme Board Roadshow (Connecting cultures GRP/ SMLC)

School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Sabrina Green

Kate Astbury, Michael Scott

How the dismissal of women's fertility based illnesses in the medical field directly impacts the quality of life for those affected by these illnesses


Lucy Dunkling

Maria do Mar Pereira

Chain Event Graphs


Kasia Kobalczyk

Jane Hutton

KPZ universality and random walks


Carlo Russian

Jonathan Warren

Performing Mixed Race Identities in Contemporary Britain

Theatre Studies

Hannah Khan

Yvette Hutchison

Set Design and Sustainability

Theatre Studies

Lea Noguchi

Dr Bobby Smith

Video Games in Palliative Care: What Lessons Can We Learn from Wider Healthcare?

Warwick Medical School

Lauren Ketteridge

Helen Artherton, John MacArtney

The impact of introducing sin tax on meat consumption on food purchasing behaviour

Warwick Medical School

Charlotte Van Herwijnen

Oyinlola Oyebode, Paul Coleman

Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles


Artur Benedito Nunes

Richard McMahon