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The Warwick Institute of Engagement Skills Festival Areas (Postgrad)

Our training is designed for you to be able to dip in and out of what is of interest to you. Explore our different training areas using our interactive map, or using the list below to navigate to the different areas of the skills festival.

What is engagement

What's the definition of engagement? What kinds of events/ activities can you get involved with? Why should you be engaging?

Opportunities to get involved

The best way to build your skills and confidence to engage is to have a go. Discover upcoming events you can take part in.

Practical engagement skills

Practical guides to help take your engagement practice to the next level - from how to use storytelling to bring presentations to life to making zines to share your ideas creatively.

Digital skills for engagement

Engage new audiences online through blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and more. Explore our range of practical resources to help you take your online engagement to the next level.

Putting on an event

Event management guides to make organising your next event a breeze.


How can you measure if your activities have been effective?

Funding and Grant Applications

How can you access funding for engagement work? What money is available and how can you make your bid stand out? Visit the funding pages to find out.

Embedding engagement into your teaching

How can you bring your teaching and your engagement work together and get students involved?

Finding your public

Who do you want to engage with? How do you reach them?

Involving the public/ partners in research

Advice for how to design engagement projects working with partners, and how to involve the public in your research (for example through citizen science/ journalism).

Engagement with sensitive topics

Sometimes our research can be hard to talk about - but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try. Get help to engage people meaningfully with tricky topics of conversation.

Publishing your engagement work

How can you publish about your public engagement activity? Where are the best places to get published?

Working with young people

Young people are one of the biggest audiences we work with - either through family groups or working with schools or clubs. These resources will help you plan safe and effective activities for young people.

Engaging policy makers is one way to make sure your work is having real impact. Find out how policy gets made and the opportunities you have to influence it.

Public engagement case studies

Stories of public engagement to inspire you and share best practice.

Public engagement and your career

Find out what employability skills you can develop through public engagement. Learn about careers in engagement.

WIE mentoring scheme

This scheme is designed to match those seeking to develop their engagement practice with others who have relevant experience to share. Please note the link will take you to the staff skills festival but students are eligible. To navigate back to the student skills festival afterwards, use the back button in your browser or the site navigation links to Training.