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Public Engagement Masterclass: Understanding and Evaluating Audiences for Public Engagement

Understanding and Evaluating Audiences for Public Engagement

Over two sessions, we will explore how we understand and evaluate audiences in a holistic way, introducing you to the skills and thinking needed to gain insight into how and why your public engagement activities have had an impact on your audiences.

Wednesday 17 May, 10am - 1pm - Part one (essential)

Ramphal Building

In the first session we will cover setting useful evaluation objectives and the tools to use which help you understand the most meaningful insights from your audiences.

Wednesday 24 May, 10am - 1pm - Part two (optional)

Ramphal Building

Session two takes a more detailed look at data and analysis methods used to understand audiences qualitatively and quantitatively and methods of reporting data most effectively.

When booking this masterclass you will have the option to choose which sessions you want to attend. Part one is essential as part two won't make sense without it, however we recognise not everyone has an interest in data analysis so part two is optional.