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Resonate Festival - Call for Content

On the 19th /20th /21st April, Warwick Institute of Engagement will be celebrating the culmination of 12 months of the Resonate Festival as Coventry nears the end of its tenure as UK City of Culture.

Across these three days we want to showcase and share the best of everything we do, along with our community partners and collaborators from across Coventry, Warwickshire and the world, in an ambitious on-campus festival

On the 19th and 21st, there will be an evening programme of talks, discussions, debates, panels and performances aimed at exploring big questions, examining hot topics and challenging our thinking. We want to attract people with a variety of interests to these sessions, from teenagers thinking about life beyond school to curious adults of all ages.

During the day of the 20th, we will be having a full day of vibrant, exciting hands-on fun and festivity for young and old alike. There will be workshops, games, activities, performances, shows and more.

We are looking for new submissions for activities across the day and evening programmes. If you have an idea for an event/activity/show or performance, we’d love for you to apply. There is funding available to support new and existing activities which engage local people with work being undertaken at Warwick. We are open to applications from students and all staff (academic and non-academic). We will also be inviting all our collaborators and participants from the year-long Resonate Festival, including all our community partners to contribute and take part in the programme.

We are offering up to £500 to support small and medium sized activities to take place across the three days of the campus festival. We also have funds to support a smaller number of larger projects up to £1000. We are also happy to accept applications from projects which do not require additional funding.

The Resonate Festival is a great opportunity to engage and collaborate with those outside academia, to share research, collaborate on ideas, and make knowledge accessible to all. It's a fantastic opportunity to invite people on to campus, to talk about and listen to the things that matter to them, and to inspire future generations. Through the festival, we'll further our commitment to working with our local communities for a fairer, better society. And we'll have fun.


Call opens – 13th October

Closes - 1st December

Successful applicants notified by 5th Jan

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