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How is 5G advancing self-driving cars?

Senior Research Fellow Erik Kampert from WMG researches 5G millimetre-wave communication and connected and autonomous vehicles. He is taking part in the British Science Festival happening on campus in September.

Details of Erik's event at the British Science Festival are below.

5G: advancing the self-driving car

Do you know your 4G from your 5G? Probably not, but many companies boast that their devices are ‘5G enabled’. In reality, the technology to produce 5G networks isn’t fully available yet. But, beyond watching films on your phone, the development of a better mobile network is vital for the next steps in autonomous vehicles. The speed and connectivity 5G would enable will allow cars to ‘speak’ and learn from one another in real-time, allowing them to avoid accidents.

In this future-facing event, Erik Kampert considers the steps required to crack the next generation of mobile networks and how they could unleash self-driving cars on UK roads.