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Pint of Science 2021

Pint of Science is back for 2021 as a free online festival packed with fun science related talks, debates and demonstrations. The international festival will see 68 events running online over 4 nights from Monday 17-Thursday 20 May. This year Warwick’s researchers are presenting 3 very exciting events - full details of which are below.

You can check out the full programme of Pint of Science on their website, - as well as registering for the events you want to attend.

We're also delighted that the Pint of Science Creative Reactions Gallery (now live!) is featuring the work of the very talented Dr Ellie Jameson from The School of Life Sciences.

Creative Reactions Digital Gallery

All the worlds a phage by Dr Ellie Jameson

Creative Reactions is the science-meets-arts branch of Pint of Science to showcase research creatively. This can range from drawings, paintings to poetry, sculptures and video.

This year you can view all the Creative Reactions artworks in the form of a virtual gallery during May and June 2021. The School of Life Sciences’ Dr Ellie Jameson has four pieces of art included in the exhibition, where she re-imagines the Phages that she discovers in her vital research that uses these microbes to prevent bacterial infections.

You can explore the online gallery now at and view the exhibition catalogue.

Ellie explains, “I use art to communicate my research to a wider audience who would not normally read scientific papers. My artwork has grown from general art to a focus on microbes and science when I started posting ink drawings on Twitter as part of #Inktober. I love to explore ideas and insights from my own work and the work of other scientists”.

Train window looking out at spaceMission 2021: journey to galaxies far far, away

Monday 17 May, 7-8pm - Online (YouTube)

Inspired by the Mars Rover Perseverance, our researchers from Physics and WMG took a look at the possibilities of space travel using solar power and energy from stars, how batteries can sustainably work in space and how important it is to mine for elements to help us understand and travel to other planets.


Chemicals, Cocktails and Creativity – from molecules to masterpieces

Pharmacy bottlesTuesday 18 May, 7-8pm - Online (YouTube)

A stimulating discussion from four different perspectives around the subject of botanical medicine with researchers from Chemistry, Life Sciences, WMS and Liberal Arts. They examined natural drugs like caffeine and it’s infiltration into our everyday lives, how making small molecular changes can make controversial drugs like cannabis and heroin save lives in the hands of doctors and surgeons and how nature’s creations have influenced our culture and society.


Taking the trash out….and onto the track. the future of eco-racing cars

Race trackThursday 20 May, 7-8pm - Online (YouTube)

At WMG over a decade ago motorsport and sustainability came together in an exciting union at the University creating the supercharged chocolate-powered racing car, steered by carrots and with potato skin tyres! Since then the environmental impact of motoring and everyday life has become an issue the world can’t ignore. Landfill sites have been multiplying and our product lifecycles shortening so researchers from WMG, Engineering and the motorsport industry will be discussing the legacy of their inspirational car and what can be done to act now to save the planet. Is a new generation eco-car in the making? All will be revealed!


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