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About the Project

The work of the government and our sector subject community is increasingly concentrating on enabling students to fulfil their potential during and after their studies. The aim of the projects within 'Graduates with Impact' is to highlight and evidence the 'value' of studying history and some of the developments in the UK.

History is a rigorous academic discipline but its application in employability terms can be lost in statements about generic 'presentation' or 'analysis' skills. Whilst history does help to develop broad, transferable skills that are valued by employers, the project details on this website will offer more insight into

  • what a student can get from their history degree
  • the directions that some innovative degree programmes are taking
  • best practice and examples of rigorous teaching and learning and key employability objectives

In addition to the projects, we would like to offer below some resources and considerations that may be of use in this period of change and uncertainty.



High Achieving Graduates


 Study History - Why Bother?


Impact: Perceptions of Employability


Find out more about teaching and learning resources on a variety of topics by visiting the main History Subject Centre website.


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