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The High Performance Computing - Short courses consortium (HPC-SC) have designed a programme short training courses to help both new and established researchers to make optimal use of High Performance Computing (HPC) — whether the resources are provided locally, nationally, or internationally. The courses are provided at two levels.

  • An Autumn Academy, held annually
    This is targetted at people just starting a PhD, though we also welcome more mature researchers from academia or industry. The Academy will take attendees through Basic HPC tools, Programming (, Performance Programming, Parrallel Architecures, Shared Variables Parallelism, Message Passing Parallelism and Practical Parallel Programming. Please see the Autumn Academy programme for more information.
  • A set of Advanced Short Courses designed for those with significant experience of HPC. These will be programmed over a 2-year rolling cycle.

HPC-SC portal

Teaching material for these courses remains available via the HPC-SC web portal. This may require a login (depending on IP status of the material), which will be (have been) given to you at the short course or academy you attended.