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The HPC-SC Consortium

The High Performance Computing Short Courses consortium is a group of UK Universities and Research Institutes that was formed to ensure that appropriate high quality training in advanced aspects of High Performance Computing is available to researchers in the UK. The consortium was established in 2010 in response to a call from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, and consists of 12 Universities and one Research Council Laboratory:

University of Bath Queens University Belfast University of Bristol University of Cambridge
University of Edinburgh University of Lancaster University of Manchester University of Nottingham
University of Oxford University of St Andrews University of Warwick University of York
STFC Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus      

The Consortium has close links with NAG, who currently provide some HPC training for the EPSRC, and is keen to develop close links with other relevant groups to ensure that the UK has a coordinated approach to the provision of training for current and future generations of HPC users.

A key feature of the Consortium's approach is that it seeks to support supervisors in the training of their PhD students, while not limiting its training to PhD students

Future of the Consortium and post 2014 CDTs: some thoughts on this issue, written as background to a discussion meeting in London, May 2015, can be found here.