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King Lear World Theatre Workshops with Dash Arts

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Global Shakespeare are thrilled to be collaborating with Dash Arts in the launch of a groundbreaking project: The King Lear World Theatre Workshops. This work commenced with a residency at Warwick Arts Centre and Warwick University from June 1 – 11 2015.

Dash Arts brought together leading practitioners from India, Italy, Paris, Russia, Korea, Tanzania, Iran, Morocco, the USA and the UK to examine and explore contrasting theatrical practices through a workshop on King Lear.



Image courtesy of Dash Arts

This is the first in a series of residential workshops that will be held across the globe. Through the workshop series we will seek a shared global approach to the story, characters and text of Shakespeare’s King Lear. This will result in a multi-lingual and cross-national production of King Lear for a global audience.

As part of this residency Global Shakespeare and Dash Arts , alongside the Theatre and Performance Studies department and Warwick Arts Centre, are offered a free public programme of workshops, seminars, debates and film screenings on Shakespeare and international theatre that are open to students, artists and sessions.

The UK launch of the King Lear World Theatre Workshops is produced by Dash Arts in collaboration with Global Shakespeare and funded by Queen Mary University of London Collaboration Fund, Warwick Arts Centre and Warwick University.