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People's Palace Project

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  • For more information on global Shakespeare studies at Queen Mary University of London, please contact Professor David Schalkwyk, Chair in Shakespeare Studies at QMUL.
  • For more information on global Shakespeare studies at the University of Warwick, please head to the Global Shakespeare Research Group.

    From the beginning, Global Shakespeare sought to forge partnerships with academic and non-governmental institutions through which it could extend its global reach in the performance, dissemination, study, translation and innovation in the uses of Shakespeare around the world.

    Our first partnership was forged with the People’s Palace Project early in 2014. We participated in the Shakespeare Forum, a series of workshops, seminars, and public talks conducted in five cities in Brazil in March and April 2014. David Schalkwyk and Jerry Brotton and Bridget Escolmbe spent a week each offering workshops and seminars to complement the work of local and British practitioners. This participation created contacts with Shakespeareans in Brazil (particularly Professor Aimara Resende in Belo Horizonte and Professor José Roberto O’Shea from Floreonapolis), and provided the platform for collaboration with two ex-RSC assistant directors (now working freelance), Helen Lebliche and Vik Sivalingam, and Jo Kukathas from Malaysia.

    We will continue this partnership with PPP by participating in their Shakespeare Forum 2016, to be held in Brazil to coincide with Shakespeare’s birthday.