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Monash-Warwick Global Shakespeare Undergraduate Intensive Module

In collaboration with Monash colleagues Dr Fiona Gregory and Gabriel Garcia Ochoa, Paul Prescott will be piloting a new undergraduate intensive module in Global Shakespeare in October 2016. This module will run over three weeks and will provide students from both universities with the opportunity to examine Shakespearean texts and productions in both 'global' and local contexts. Students at Monash will work simultaneously with students in Warwick to share particular knowledges and deepen their understanding of local, regional, national and transnational approaches to the texts. Questions of 'authority' and 'authenticity' in Shakespearean production will be addressed alongside issues such as the politics of translation, the influence of notions of 'high' and 'low' culture and the impact of technological innovation on the development of performance production and reception.

The module is designed to strengthen the Monash-Warwick Alliance by utilizing shared expertise in the areas of Shakespearean performance and global Shakespeares and will make optimum use of the portal facilities to enable students from each institution to study together in real time. Furthermore, it will extend the pedagogical possibilities of the portal by creating exercises and activities that will enable the students to work together on practical performance exercises, thereby enabling them to create their own truly 'transnational' performances.

By the end of the module, students will have:

  1. Extended their understanding of Shakespearean texts and the history of Shakespearean performance;
  2. Deepened their understanding of how Shakespeare operates as a global force, and of themselves as 'global' learners and performers;
  3. Learnt to apply key concepts from areas such as translation studies, transnational and intercultural studies, and theatre historiography;
  4. Enhanced their understanding of how technology can be used to disseminate knowledge and develop practical performance work;
  5. Applied their understanding of the relationship between theory and practice in the development of practical performance work.

Key facts about the Monash-Warwick Global Shakespeare Undergraduate Intensive Module

  • The module will be available to undergraduate students at the University of Warwick and Monash University from October 2016
  • For more information, please get in touch with Dr Paul Prescott on p dot prescott at warwick dot ac dot uk