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We have a Shimadzu GC2010MS with FID mass spectrometry detector. This is suitable for chemical identification, however, quantification can be challenging.

Both our GCFID and GCMS only have liquid injection, this means that analysis of solvents is often challenging. Furthermore, the GCMS requires a solvent cut time to ensure that injection solvent does not saturate the MS detector. This means that very volatile analytes are incredibly difficult to analyse by this method.

The M/Z range of this detector is up to 400.

The carrier gas is helium.

Before using, please check that:

There is enough gas in the cylinder

What column is fitted compared to what you require

The solvent wash bottles on the autosampler are topped up and the septa on them are in good condition

If you are unsure of anything or require training please contact or

Please book the instrument here.