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Translational Medicine

The challenges for medicine are immense – from global pandemics to dealing with health issues associated with ageing and obese populations.

The ability to respond quickly and bring solutions forward safely is central to addressing many of these medical needs. Continuing to invest in effective health research will remain key to achieving this goal.

Translating experimental research into direct patient benefits is important for the medical sector. Advanced equipment and clinical trials are two key components in this process.

Our Translational Medicine programme has two projects:

  • Clinical research infrastructure and trials platform
  • Experimental medicine

The aims of these projects are to:

  • Catalyse, strengthen and expand international-quality clinical trials activity in the West Midlands
  • Research and develop new medical technologies

A £20m investment in infrastructure and equipment has enabled us to capitalise on the University of Birmingham and the University of Warwick's expertise and research into cardiovascular disease, infection, metabolism, neuroscience and reproduction. This has established the West Midlands as a major centre for clinical trials in Europe.

To date, funds have been used to support the following flagship infrastructure: