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Science City AM2 Particle size analysis

Contact: Stefan Bon or d dot lester at warwick dot ac dot uk

Lab C314

zetasizer    mastersizer  

Risk Assessment

Instrument Malvern Mastersizer 2000 Malvern Zetasizer Nano    
Technique Laser diffraction Dynamic light scattering    

Approximate suitable size of particles

> 1 µm < 1 µm    

Dry powders

Liquid dispersions

Lower resolution

Average size

Fast measurement

Zeta potential

Manuals and user guides(PDF document)

Mastersizer manual

Mastersizer essentials guide

Sample dispersion and refactive index guide

Dry powder unit (Scirocco 2000)

Wet dispersion unit (Hydro 2000 G/S)

Wet dispersion unit (Hydro 2000 µP)

Basic principles of particle size analysis

Wet dispersions: application note

Selection of real and imaginary components of refractive index

Risk Assessment

Zetasizer manual

Quick user guide

Introduction to DLS

Introduction to zeta potential


Risk Assessment

Links Malvern