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Polymer RTP Thermal Analysis

Location: MAS 3.04

Contacts: Dave Hammond, Daniel Lester

Risk Assessment 

Useful Thermal Analysis Resources

Mettler Toledo STARe instruments

  • DSC/TGA under air or nitrogen (argon on request) to 1000 °C
  • DTA/TGA high temperature (to 1500 °C) and specialist gases and Mass Spec
  • DSC under air, nitrogen or argon from -150 to 700 °C
  • DMA with multiple geometries

Perkin Elmer

  • PEDSC6000 with intracooler -90 - 400 °C
  • PEDMA8000 with liquid nitrogen cooling

Download the evaluation software and an empty database

Crucible request form

Mettler crucibles list

Aluminium is safe up to 600 °C; the crucibles are disposable. Alumina pans should be used for higher temperatures; they are resuable. Platinum is very inert and very reusable.

Standard crucibles are

  • aluminium 40 μl 00026763 (100) or 51119870 plus 51119871 (400)
  • alumina 70 μl 00024123 (20)
  • platinum 70 μl 51119654 (4)