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Polymer RTP Thermal Analysis

Location: MAS 3.04

Contacts: james dot town at warwick dot ac dot uk, Daniel Lester

Risk Assessment

Useful Thermal Analysis Resources

Mettler ToledoLink opens in a new window STARe instruments

  • DSC/TGA under air or nitrogen (argon on request) to 1000 °C
  • DTA/TGA high temperature (to 1500 °C) and specialist gases and Mass Spec
  • DSC under air, nitrogen or argon from -150 to 700 °C
  • DMA with multiple geometries

Perkin Elmer

  • PEDSC6000 with intracooler -90 - 400 °C
  • PEDMA8000 with liquid nitrogen cooling

TA Instruments Instruments



Download the MT evaluation software and an empty database

Download the TA evaluation software

Crucible request form

Mettler crucibles list

Aluminium is safe up to 600 °C; the crucibles are disposable. Alumina pans should be used for higher temperatures; they are resuable. Platinum is very inert and very reusable.

Standard crucibles are

  • aluminium 40 μl 00026763 (100) or 51119870 plus 51119871 (400)
  • alumina 70 μl 00024123 (20)
  • platinum 70 μl 51119654 (4)