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Advanced Materials 2 Raman Microscope

Renishaw InVia Reflex and Witec Alpha 300R Raman Microscopes

Millburn House, University of Warwick and Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham (lab 102)
Professor Mark Newton and Dr Liam Grover

Provides spatially resolved information on structure, bonding, constituents, and electronic structure of a wide variety of functional and structural materials.

Examples of applications of Raman microscopy include the differentiation of polymorphs and chemical mapping in the pharmaceutical industry, detection and monitoring of stress in silicon based microelectronics, and identification of high temperature and pressure treated diamonds.
  • 325, 442, 633, 514.5, 785 nm lasers
  • CCD detector for visible to near-IR plus InGaAs for IR
  • Automatic sample stage
  • Surface mapping 1 μm spatial resolution

AM2 Raman