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Advanced Materials 2 UHV-STM


Chemistry, University of Warwick (G-block)
Dr Giovanni Costantini

STM for the study of conductive samples with nano-scale roughness.

Samples can be prepared in-situ by noble gas ion sputtering and annealing and direct heating (i.e. for semiconductor wafers). Gas, organic and electron beam metal molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) sources are available as well as an electron beam metal MBE and gas sources.

STM can be used for structure determination of surfaces with molecular and atomic resolution and local electronic structure determination.
        • Base pressure 1 x 1010 mbar
        • Measurement temperatures liq N2 and liq He including cooled sample manipulator
        • Maximum scan area 400 nm2
        • Maximum sample heating temperature 1500 ºC

              AM2 UHV-STM