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Aims and Objectives

The MINRESCUE project provides innovative solutions for recycling of CMWGs and their application in construction industry, this consequently addresses a number of key issues associated with existing / growing mining waste dumps as well as ever increasing exploitation of raw geomaterials in engineering practice. This project targets the following key research activities and objectives:

KRA&O1: to characterise the mechanical and chemical properties of the mining waste materials,

KRA&O2: to develop optimised treatment and remediation methods and tailored mixed components for geotechnical applications,

KRA&O3: to build numerical models for predict behaviour of treated CMWGs based on a thorough appraisal of their behavioural processes,

KRA&O4: to develop concepts for recovering and reuse of upgraded components

KRA&O5: to assess and demonstrate the durability and increase in service life of materials and geostructural applications made employing CMWGs under realistic conditions,

KRA&O6: to provide guidelines for the design of construction materials and (geo)-structures with the treated CMWGs to enable uptake of the CMWGs beyond the MINRESCUE project,

KRA&O7: to substantiate the reduction of environmental impacts through well thought-out life cycle assessment (LCA),

KRA&O8: to pave the way for market uptake of CMWGs treatment upgrading and upcycling technologies, through preliminary prototype construction and monitoring and life cycle assessment.

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This project has received funding from the Research Fund for Coal and Steel under grand agreement No 899518