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CLAHRC BITEs (Brokering Innovation Through Evidence)


CLAHRC BITEs (Brokering Innovation Through Evidence) are accessible bite-sized pieces of research that aim to summarise findings from our published work under CLAHRC West Midlands and make recommendations for practice for NHS staff locally and beyond. They were originated and piloted by CLAHRC for Nottingham, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire, and form part of a national library that spans the work of all the NIHR CLAHRC initiatives. Below you can find BITEs on our most recent work, as well as work conducted under the NIHR CLAHRC pilot for Birmingham and Black Country.

Download our CLAHRC West Midlands BITEs below

Adobe PDF icon *NEW* May 2019 - BITE 35 - Long-term effectiveness of treatments for multiple sclerosis

Adobe PDF icon *NEW* May 2019 - BITE 34 - Incidence of indications for tonsillectomy and frequency of evidence-based surgery

Adobe PDF icon *NEW* May 2019 - BITE 33 - Is a single corticosteroid injection better than splints for carpal tunnel syndrome?

Adobe PDF icon March 2018 - BITE 32 - Does Aerobic Exercise Reduce Postpartum Depressive Symptoms?

Adobe PDF icon October 2017 - BITE 31 - Can the LACE index identify patients at high risk of readmission following an inpatient episode?

Adobe PDF icon October 2017 - BITE 30 - Do contraindications affect prescription of anticoagulants in patients with Atrial Fibrillation?

Adobe PDF icon July 2017 - BITE 29 - Tool to support evidence-based health decisions

Adobe PDF icon June 2017 - BITE 28 - Understanding the health and welfare of people who live in slums

Adobe PDF icon May 2017 - BITE 27 - Increased risk of death associated with ovary removal during hysterectomy

Adobe PDF icon February 2017 - CrossBITE 1 - Heart failure survival rates show no signs of improvement (with CLAHRC Oxford)

adobe_pdf_file_icon_24x24.png February 2017 - BITE 26 - The impact of integrated care on hospital use and costs of care for patients with chronic diseases

Adobe PDF icon January 2017 - BITE 25 - Universal antenatal culture-based screening for maternal Group B Streptococcus (GBS) carriage to prevent early-onset GBS disease

Adobe PDF icon September 2016 - BITE 24 - Changing Case Order to Optimise Patterns of Performance in Screening (CO-OPS)

Adobe PDF icon September 2016 - BITE 23 - Evaluation of an SMS-based weight maintenance programme ‘Lighten Up Plus’

Adobe PDF icon September 2016 - BITE 22 - Mortality risk of emergency admissions at the weekend

Adobe PDF icon August 2016 - BITE 21 - Chance in Quality and Safety Performance Measures

Adobe PDF icon July 2016 - BITE 20 - A trial to establish the effectiveness of a ‘Pregnancy Outreach Worker

Adobe PDF icon April 2016 - BITE 19 - Non-invasive pre-natal testing (NIPT) can contribute to screening programmes, but cannot be considered diagnostic

Adobe PDF icon April 2016 - BITE 18 - Gout is independently associated with a higher risk of atrial fibrillation

Adobe PDF icon March 2016 - BITE 17 - Iodine supplementation in pregnancy saves money and improves IQ of unborn child

Adobe PDF icon February 2016 - BITE 16 - Blood test result communication in primary care: a survey of current practice

Adobe PDF icon January 2016 - BITE 15 - Barriers and Success Factors for Home Dialysis Treatment and Influence of a Target on Uptake Rates

Adobe PDF icon November 2015 - BITE 14 - Receptionist rECognition and rEferral of Patients with Stroke (RECEPTS)

Adobe PDF icon November 2015 - BITE 13 - Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of pulse oximetry during surgery in low-income countries

Adobe PDF icon November 2015 - BITE 12 - Using a simple checklist to prioritise medical devices in low-income countries and as a screening test for full health economic modelling

Adobe PDF icon September 2015 - BITE 11 - Don't Turn Your Back on the Symptoms of Psychosis

Adobe PDF icon September 2015 - BITE 10 - Exploring Levels of Teacher Stress and Impact on Providing Mental Health Education and Support

Adobe PDF icon July 2015 - BITE 09 - A ground-breaking early intervention service in Birmingham to offer mental health services for young people, 0-25 years

Adobe PDF icon August 2014 - BITE 08 - TRaCKED Study - Test Result Communication, Knowledge, Evaluation and Development

Adobe PDF icon July 2014 - BITE 07 - Challenges of implementing routine behaviour change support in a children's hospital setting

Adobe PDF icon July 2014 - BITE 06 - Cognitive behaviour therapy to prevent harmful compliance with command hallucinations

Adobe PDF icon March 2014 - BITE 05 - School mobility as a pathway to psychosis in young people

Adobe PDF icon February 2014 - BITE 04 - The cost effectiveness of increasing thrombolysis rates to treat acute stroke

Adobe PDF icon February 2014 - BITE 03 - Impact of Locally Enhanced Services on diabetes management

Adobe PDF icon January 2014 - BITE 02 - Discussing sexual wellbeing with stroke patients

Adobe PDF icon January 2014 - BITE 01 - Most statins prescribed to the wrong patients

Download our previous CLAHRC BITEs from Birmingham and Black Country below:

Adobe PDF icon August 2013 - What factors contribute to the Delay in Untreated Psychosis?

Adobe PDF icon December 2012 - Use of knowledge management to design a service delivery intervention and the research agenda

Adobe PDF icon December 2012 - When can we rely on outcome rates – a modelling study Analysing medication incidents

Adobe PDF icon October 2012 - Focusing on error reduction

Adobe PDF icon September 2012 - Starting and staying on medication for cardiovascular disease

Adobe PDF icon May 2012 - Peer Support for Breastfeeding

Adobe PDF icon February 2012 - A comparison of range of commercial or primary care led weight reduction programmes

Adobe PDF icon February 2012 - Can an electronic prescribing system detect doctors more likely to make a serious prescribing error?

Adobe PDF icon February 2012 - South Asian women’s perspectives on food preparation: using an art-based activity to elicit data from a seldom heard group

Adobe PDF icon March 2012 - Patient and GP attitudes to taking medication to prevent cardiovascular disease

Adobe PDF icon April 2013 - Designing youth mental health services for the 21st Century

Adobe PDF icon February 2013 - The impact of age and sex on primary preventive treatment for cardiovascular disease

Adobe PDF icon February 2013 - The views of NHS stakeholders on providing consultant-led, paediatric outpatient clinics in the community

Adobe PDF icon January 2013 - How adolescents are affected by using technology at bedtime during weekdays

Adobe PDF icon January 2013 - Mixed methods evaluation of targeted case finding for cardiovascular disease prevention using a stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial

Adobe PDF icon June 2013 - How a telehealth system provides peace of mind