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Welcome to ARTISAN

Welcome to ARTISAN

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1. Welcome Information

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We would like to give you a very warm welcome to the ARTISAN webpages.

A group of physiotherapists, surgeons, researchers and patients have pulled together to understand what you are going through and developed these webpages to give you the support you need. Just click on this box to get started!

2. Initial Advice

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You have dislocated your shoulder, and you probably have a few questions, but don’t worry, we have put together some information about these early stages to aid you with your recovery. Please click this box to find out more!

3. Early Stage Exercises

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Click on this box to view some of the exercises that will help you get your shoulder moving. To help you keep track of what you have done there is a 'check progress' box on the homepage that you can use to record your goals. Only move towards the next section (4. Advanced Exercises) once you can perform these exercises with minimal difficulty.

4. Advanced Exercises

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Once you can perform the early stage exercises with minimal discomfort you can click on this box to start building up your shoulder stregth. Don't forget to use the 'Check your progress' box on the homepage to help you keep track of what you have done.



5. Going Back to Sports

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For those of you who like to do sports please click on this box. In this section we have listed some top tips on how to get back to your sporting self. Sports that involve overhead activities or contact might have a risk further re-dislocation. However many people do wish to continue with what they enjoy, and in this section we will discuss ways to help you get there.

6. Check Your Progress

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You can use this section to set goals and to keep a record of the exercises that you have done. This could be useful to keep track of your progress of recovery.