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SACUT Project Partners

The SACUT MC-IAPP (IAPP - Industry Academia Partnerships & Pathways) Project brings FIVE key partners together for the first time, to research and develop a new technology that will yield a step change in flow measurement metrology,whilst at the same time generating new applied science.

The research consortium is led by Professor Steve Dixon, University of Warwick,UK, (UoW) a leading expert in ultrasonic NDT field - particularly electromagnetic acoustic transduction (EMAT) and optical methods.

The Knowledge Exchange between the partners is critical to the project and will be facilitated by the secondment of existing staff and the recruiment of new staff.

Areas of Expertise: 

Together the Partners bring excellent complimentary research expertise that is essential for the success of the SACUT IAPP Project and will be critical in devleloping the next generation air-coupled ultrasonics systems and solutions.