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Outreach & Impact

Conference Attendance

During the course of the SACUT project, the project partners attended various academic, scientific & international industry focussed conferences disseminating findings from the research tasks.
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Outreach Activity

This project provides the oppportunity and resources to extend Outreach Actiivties, directed to the general public, rather than the research community. The goal of this activity is to create awareness among the general public about the research work performed and its implications for citizens.
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Industrial Engagement

Industrial Workshops (December 2013, 2014, 2015) - annual meetings for Members of the Centre for Industrial Ultrasonics. Seminar talks, networking & dissemination to 40+ industrialists on SACUT related work.

Piezo Electric Seminar (November 2016)

Centre for Industrial Ultrasonics

Lei Kang Early Career Researcher Event